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Mile Marker Ambassador Terry Madden Races in 2023 King of Hammers

by Mile Marker on March 02, 2023 Categories: Mile Marker Blog

Mile Marker's brand ambassador, Terry Madden, recently took part in King of Hammers, one of the world's toughest off-road racing competitions. The race this year was held at Johnson Valley, California, and Terry's performance did not disappoint. He competed in the most technologically advanced vehicle class, the 4400 class, and placed seventh overall in the final race!

Terry has accomplished a lot, and Mile Marker, the market leader in off-road recovery winches, is quite proud of him. Terry proudly and enthusiastically endorses Mile Marker as a brand ambassador, and his success at King of Hammers was proof of his talent and tenacity. Off-road racing has long been a favorite Mile Marker, and Terry's accomplishments have only strengthened our dedication to it.

In addition to his racing career, Terry as recently opened a new shop called HiRôAD. The shop will be a center for the local off-road community and focus on selling off-road parts and equipment. Terry's new shop is a testament to his commitment to the sport, which goes beyond just racing. HiRoAD will also be a full stocking dealer for Mile Marker products.

Ultimately, Terry Madden's success at King of Hammers was a real testament to his prowess as an off-road racer, and Mile Marker is proud to have him as a brand ambassador. We are eager to see what Terry accomplishes next, and his new business, HiRôAD, will surely be a welcomed addition to the off-road community.

Terry began his competitive riding career at an early age, he took to bikes, motocross, and flat track racing. After he graduated high school, he went on to serve for eight years in the U.S Army as a Military Police officer - proudly representing his nation with distinction. With his service completed, Terry moved onto another successful chapter of life, working in the oilfield industry within Oil & Gas companies across America. To read more about the collaboration & Terry’s story click here.

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