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Best ATV Trails in Florida

by Mile Marker on March 31, 2023 Categories: Mile Marker Blog

The best ATV destinations in Florida are dependent on your goals. Are you looking to have a fun day out with the family or go out on a unique adventure that challenges your ATV skills? Here are a few ATV destinations you won’t want to miss, broken down by the types of adventures you may be looking for:

Go Remote: Bear Island Trail

For many, much of Big Cypress National Preserve was inaccessible. However, with an ATV, airboat or swamp buggy— you can see what most people never do. The ATV destinations within Big Cypress National Preserve require a permit but it’s well worth applying for the chance to ride here. Bear Island Trail is one of the most popular areas to ride in the National Preserve and also gives you one of the best chances you’ll likely ever get to see a Florida Panther in the wild.

Mixed Use: Trails in Ocala National Forest

If you have a family or friend group with mixed interests, head to Ocala National Forest. The National Forest offers a wide variety of trails for mountain bikers, UTV and ATVers, dirt bikers, and more. It’s also one of the most popular ATV destinations in Florida for good reason. The varied terrain and difficulty levels make this an excellent spot to spend time with friends and family, regardless of your crews’ experience level and wheeled vehicle of choice.

Family Friendly: Clear Creek

The Clear Creek OHV Trails are ideal for a day out with the family. This offroad park boasts over 50 miles of trails to explore as well as a beginner-friendly motocross track with a separate youth training area. 4x4 vehicles, including dune buggies and jeeps, aren’t allowed on these trails which means you’ll have plenty of space to enjoy the trails with other ATVers.

Get Dirty: Silver Lake

If you are looking to get down and dirty on your ATV adventures, look no further than Silver Lake in the Apalachicola National Forest. The area often gets dumped on with rain and pairing this with the area’s deep sand makes for quite the muddy adventure. If you’ve got a new winch Mile Marker winch on your ATV you’re itching to try out— this is definitely a great spot to do it.


However, regardless of which of these top ATV destinations you head out to, you are going to want to make sure your prepared with recovery gear. For winches, anchors, and recovery kits— check out Mile Marker’s vast selection of ATV recovery gear.


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