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Rhino Pull 1000

Best Ways to use a Rhino Pull

by Mile Marker on April 14, 2023 Categories: Mile Marker Blog

The RHINO PULL 1000 is a versatile handheld, battery-powered portable winch from Mile Marker Industries that can be used for a variety of uses. Here’s a few ideas for how to use your RHINO PULL 1000.

Vehicle Recovery Uses

Recovery and Movement

The most common way to use a RHINO PULL 1000 is for pull recoveries and movements of items up to 1000 pounds. And with 39 feet of synthetic rope, a variable speed hand controller, and a wireless controller that can work up to 50 feet— it’s a versatile tool. However, this is far from the only type of winching this product can be used for.

While UTV-ing

Due to its small size and weight, the RHINO PULL 1000 is perfect for throwing in the back of the UTV during a day of adventure. With the RHINO PULL 1000 you’ll be able to pull yourself and your buddies out just about any situation you find yourselves in, or for game recovery/game loading.

While Four-Wheeling

Whether you have a UTV or an ATV— the RHINO PULL 1000 is the perfect match. In fact, it’s well enough loved for jobs like these that it was even recognized with a SEMA Global Media Award in 2022!

While Snowmobiling

It’s not just fair-weather adventures you can use the RHINO PULL 1000 for. Try taking it out on a snowmobile adventure too, to quickly get unstuck from any snowy predicament you find yourself stuck in.

Non-Recovery Uses

Shop Hoist

When you are working in your shop alone, your RHINO PULL 1000 can easily be used as an extra set of hands (or two!). Use your winch to help you unload or load supplies into the bed of your truck or move things around as needed.

Loading a Trailer

If your snowmobile, ATV, or UTV isn’t in working order, you can easily use your RHINO PULL 1000 to load your vehicle.


Moving game to field dress it is made effortless with the help of the RHINO PULL 1000. Especially if you are hunting in an area with steep embankments where dragging out game would be difficult and time consuming.

Small Construction Projects

Whether in your own shop or out on a job, the RHINO PULL 1000 can be a useful tool for a variety of construction jobs. For example, you could use the RHINO PULL 1000 to help you winch a truss or some lumber while constructing your man cave or she-shed.

Any Other >1000 Pound Pull You Can Think Of

The only limit to your 1000-pound pull is your own imagination. If it’s under 1000 pounds and it needs to be pulled— your RHINO PULL 1000 is up to the job!