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How Do You Use a Snatch Block for an ATV and/or UTV Winch?

by Mile Marker on February 28, 2023 Categories: Mile Marker Blog

One of the most important items in your recovery gear kit is a snatch block. Here is what you need to know about snatch blocks, why to use them, and how to use them effectively.

What Is a Snatch Block?

A snatch block is a recovery gear staple that lessens the load on your winch when you pull. It is essentially a heavy-duty pulley that increases your pulling capacity and expands your options for pulling in a variety of directions.

Why Use a Snatch Block?

Snatch blocks are a must-have recovery gear item if you plan on using your ATV or UTV off-road. They provide peace of mind for a variety of situations where a winch alone may not cut it for your recovery. For starters, by using a snatch block you’ll double your winch’s capacity. Additionally, it provides you with more pulling options than using your winch alone. Snatch blocks can be used in recoveries where you need to pull at an angle rather than just pulling straight ahead.

How Do You Use a Snatch Block?

Don’t just throw your snatch box in with the rest of your recovery gear and wait to use it until you need it. Instead, test it out so you get a good idea of how it works before you really need it.

Start by threading your winch cable through the pulley. Then, use hooks to attach your snatch block to your anchor loops. Next, attach your winch back on your tow ring. Time to pull!

Try out your snatch block with different weights (never above what your snatch block is rated for) and angles to get a feel of how it works and how you can use it in a real-life recovery situation.


Where Do You Buy A UTV Snatch Block?

Mile Marker sells both 8,000 pound snatch blocks and 20,000 pound snatch blocks, with the 8,000 pound snatch block being the ideal choice for an ATV or UTV recovery gear kit. You can also buy a complete off-road recovery kit from Mile Marker that comes with a winch dampener bag, snatch block, shackles, recovery strap and gloves.

Also, check out our portable Rhino Pull 1000 handheld electric winch, which is a great accessory to keep around the home, shop, and in your vehicle. It weighs just 17 lbs., pulls 1000 lbs. and has 39 feet of rope. The Rhino has a variety of accessories and recovery gear, and Mile Marker also offers a watertight rolling case with a place for the Rhino and every accessory and attachment.