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Hydraulic Winch

What is a Hydraulic Winch & How Does it Work?

by Mile Marker on December 14, 2022 Categories: Mile Marker Blog

Hydraulic winches offer legendary, uninterrupted power. They’re a formidable force against just about any situation where a winch is needed. Here’s what you need to know about what these winches do and how they work:

The Power of Hydraulic Winches

Hydraulic winches are an off-roader’s dream for obvious reason. Their mass amount of power allows them to keep pulling and pulling, long after an electric winch will have puttered out. It’s not that electric winches aren’t great, it’s just that hydraulic winches are in a class of their own. With legendary power, you can choose between 9,000, 10,500, and 12,000 pound capacity winches for off-roading use and the pulling capacity goes up to 18,000 pounds for Mile Marker’s heaviest duty winch.

How Hydraulic Winches Work

The Mile Marker H and HI series of hydraulic winches run off power steering, rather than electricity, as with an electric winch. They feature 6 O-Rings in critical spots, so every hydraulic winch is protected against the elements. You also can’t overload or overwork the pump, as the relief valve acts as a built-in governor. Mile Marker’s H Series can mount to either the front or rear of your vehicle and can be permanent or detachable, depending on your needs. On the other hand, the HI Series hydraulic winches are permanently mounted on the front of your vehicle.

Low Pressure Hydraulic Winches

For those looking to install a hydraulic winch, without upgrading their power steering equipment— the low-pressure hydraulic winch is a great option. This hydraulic winch can pull an impressive 9,100 pounds and features two speed and free spooling, as well as a mechanical lock. The only adaption needed is a 35 Series valve adapter kit for a vehicle’s power steering pump.

What Sets Mile Marker Hydraulic Winches Apart

 If you’re in the market for a hydraulic winch, look to Mile Marker for high quality construction and legendary power. Mile Marker is committed to excellence and has been U.S. military trusted for over 30 years. Each of Mile Marker’s highly durable, high quality hydraulic winches comes with a 5-year warranty. View the entire selection of Mile Marker’s hydraulic winches here