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Recovery Kit

Recovery Kit Essentials for Off-Road Vehicles

by Mile Marker on February 13, 2023 Categories: Mile Marker Blog

Planning on going on an awesome off-road trip? Make sure you have all the recovery kit essentials on hand! Here is a list of items you’ll want to make sure you have ready to go in your recovery kit:

A Reliable Winch

It’s not a proper off-roading adventure if you don’t spend at least half your time trying to get unstuck. However, it’s a lot more fun finding new places to get stuck throughout the day than getting stuck in one place because you don’t have the proper winch to pull you out the first time. Mile Marker Industries can help you find the right winch for the adventures you have planned so you can be bold with the places you go.

A Winch Dampener and Gloves

Your recovery kit essentials should include more than just the tools to cut you loose, they should also include tools to keep you safe. Gloves and winch dampeners are both great recovery kit essentials to consider for safety reasons. Winch dampeners keep cables close to the ground, in the event of a cable snap. It’s a tool you hope you don’t need but are glad you have it in the event of things going awry.

Snatch Blocks

Increase your power when you’re pulling out of a tricky situation with a snatch block. Snatch blocks can increase the power you get out of your winch two-fold, making heavy pulls a piece of cake.

Straps and Shackles

You’ll have a variety of tricks you can try to get unstuck with the proper mix of straps and shackles. Hook your straps together with shackles, attach your winch line to your straps with shackles, or use your shackles to connect your snatch block to straps. Straps and shackles are some of the most necessary recovery kit essentials to set yourself free quickly and easily.

Get All Your Recovery Kit Essentials in One Purchase

Mile Marker Industries sells recovery gear filled with all the recovery kit essentials listed above. These recovery kits also come housed in heavy duty bags to keep all your essentials organized and in one place. Give us a call to learn more about our off-road recovery kits and ATV/UTV recovery kits, as well.